Our Story


It was 2008, and Vivek Ravisankar and Hari Karunanidhi hit the job lottery. Having graduated from an okay school in Bangalore, with mediocre GPAs, Vivek and Hari beat the odds by proving their skills in programming contests. Even without stellar resumes, they impressed hiring managers at Amazon and IBM, respectively, with their skills. 

But most people aren't so lucky.

So they came up with a simple idea: Companies can use coding challenges to assess candidates based on skills. 

What started as solving coding challenges for fun is now changing the paradigm of recruiting forever. HackerRank's skills-based platform is helping 1,000+ companies, including Uber, VMware and Walmart, find top developers in less time. Whether it's a front-end developer, systems administrator or data scientist, HackerRank infuses technology into the fabric of recruiting across industries. 

For hiring managers, our platform is the new, standard credential for developer skills. For developer candidates, our platform is a new way for anyone to be discovered by their ability. No matter where they're from. 

Our Team

HackerRank HQ is in Palo Alto, CA, and we have two offices in London and Bangalore. 

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Our Investors

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