Girls Who Code 

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Airbnb Revenue Analyst Turned Software Engineer in 1 Year

She was working as a revenue analyst for Airbnb when her itch to hack transformed into urgency to become an engineer. 


 How 30 Days of Code Helped One PhD Ace Interviews

Like many software engineers, Riyanat ‘Ri’ Ola Shittu’s path to coding was far from linear.


3 Teen Sisters Crush Coding Competitions, Stereotypes

Chances are, 11-year-old programmer Mari Machaidze is growing up in a different world than you and me. It might even be a better world.


Code Like a Girl: You Can't Live Without Female Engineers

The influence of female software engineers is felt all the time. In fact, we bet you can’t even go a day without female engineers. 


Data Report: Which Countries Have the
Largest Proportion of Female Developers?